Adjustable Crystal Wire Wrapped Ring💍

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This wire-wrapped ring is made with genuine crystal and your choice of solid .925 Sterling silver, gold plated or silver plated wire. They look great when stacked together or beautifully simple by themselves. Each ring is handmade <3

Whether as a calming meditation guide or a beautiful, neutral, and natural statement piece, this ring will be a great addition to your style or spiritual practice.

+ Pearl
+ Jade
+ Lapis Lazuli
+ Moonstone
+ Onyx
+ Rose Quartz
+ Turquoise
+ African Turquoise
+ Impression Jasper
+ Howlite
+ Tiger Eye
+ Apatite

+ Please type which ring size you'd like in box at checkout.

+ raw crystals
+ 6mm/8mm crystal Beads
+ Gold plated wire
+ Silver plated wire
+ Solid .925 Sterling silver wire

+ Keep away from water as much as possible so as not to break down the wire

Each ring is handmade with different gemstones. Please be aware that each ring varies in stone pattern and color - making it a truly one-of-a-kind, unique piece of jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry comes in a muslin bag and padded gift box - perfect for gifting to a loved one!

Custom orders are available upon request! If you see different stones you like/want incorporated into a necklace, please message me and I will be happy to create a piece just for you!